Forerunners: Uniting Faith and Creativity

Forerunners: Uniting Faith and Creativity
Two Anointed Hands was formed through two women coming together in their love of crafts and handmade goods. On a bright sunny day, they met at a church and realized that they both shared a similar passion and love for handmade art. It was no coincidence that they decided to join forces and create a unique marketplace for all things handmade.

The passion and love for handmade goods drive us to not only offer top-quality items but also promote the importance of faith while fostering a sense of creativity and unique style. Our products inspire and bring life to imagination in which God’s creative gift is highlighted in all pieces.

In order to provide the most exceptional quality of handmade goods and services, our goal is to be innovative, using imagination and originality. As a small business, we recognize the importance of personalized customer service, remembering that each order is important and that each customer deserves the best experience possible. We strive for all customers to not only be satisfied with the products they receive but to also feel valued.

We offer a range of products that embrace faith-based and inspirational messages while creating unique pieces that reflect personal style. All of our products are created with exceptional quality in mind, ensuring that each piece is made with the passion and love found in our mission statement. It is our mission to create an atmosphere where creativity, faith, and personal style can combine to create something truly special.

We invite you to experience the passion and dedication that we have for handmade goods. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and let us help you bring your faith, creativity, and style together.